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We are very pleased to announce these fantastic machines into our stock room.

orionmetroOrion Metro

Whether you enjoy a quick trip to meet friends for food or taking a short journey to the local shops, the Orion METRO is the ideal choice to take you there.

This entry level scooter is the perfect mix of comfort, safety and reliability!




orionproOrion Pro

Ideal for longer trips into town or afternoons driving around the park with your grandchildren, the Orion PRO is a powerful upgrade to the Orion METRO.

With enhanced battery performance, larger wheels, double wishbone suspension and Premium seating, it is ideal for people who want improved all round performance.




cometproComet Pro

With its exceptional driving features and modern aesthetics, the Comet PRO offers power and performance in a premium package.

Whether you’re popping to the local shops, taking longer trips into town, or looking to go further afield, the new Comet PRO will take you the distance in comfort, safety and style!




cometultraComet Ultra

Ideal for those with larger body shapes, the Comet® Ultra offers a secure, supportive and powerful driving experience without compromising on style or functionality.

Packed with all of the safety features and driving characteristics seen throughout the Comet family, the Comet Ultra will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently, in complete comfort and control.