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attitudeWe are very excited that we will soon be stocking the new Attitude Wheelchair add-on hand bike series.

Speed – Simplicity – Unrivalled Rigidity:

Looking to cruise corners, tackle off-road terrain or generate some high speed acceleration? The Attitude’s ingenious 4 point docking system locks into place in seconds to deliver the most secure, stiffest and rigid ride to date.

Attitude with Style

There’s a change in attitude with add-on hand bikes! Ultra lightweight to match the performance you’d expect from a QUICKIE wheelchair, sleek design and 30 head turning colours to match your existing wheelchair or create a look that’s truly individual. Hit the streets in style with QUICKIE Attitude.

Roll away with the right Attitude

With QUICKIE compromise is not an option – so we say no to heavy mounting hardware that reduces your everyday performance. Un-dock in seconds and roll away with only two lightweight pins attached to your wheelchair, so whether you’re riding with an Attitude handbike or your everyday QUICKIE wheelchair you’re experiencing the very best lightweight performance.

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